In What States Are BB Guns Legal?


BB guns are legal in most states, however many municipalities have their own bans or restrictions on BB guns and airguns. In states with laws prohibiting airguns, they are usually prohibited in public areas, while private areas are generally allowed, as long as shooting doesn't affect anything else.
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Every state, city or country has different laws about BB guns so it is best to check with local law enforcement or city ordnance's to find out about where you want to shoot.
There are many cities that have ordinances against BB guns, but no state statutes I have been able to find. Many small cities have ordinances against posession of BB guns in public,
In Minnesota it is illegal for a child under the age of 14 to
I'll start by defining with a BB gun is. In the UK "BB" is taken to mean ball bearing but this is misleading. The first BB guns used shotgun shot of size BB. Modern BB guns
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It is legal to own a BB gun but only under some strict circumstances. You must be 18 years old and over as well as a member of a soft-air club. If you are over ...
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