In What Two Ways Does a Tornado Cause Damage?


There are two main ways a tornado can cause damage. In one way,tornadoes can make trees fall onto your homes, destroying actually anything it its way. Another way it can cause damage is by blowing away your home and property.
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Tornadoes destroy property in two ways. Powerful winds can tear apart or collapse structures. Second, the winds can carry objects at high speeds, this flying debris can make damage
Some types of property damage include roof damage, external
Tornadoes usually appear as cone-shaped spirals of cloud that form during a thunderstorm. Sometimes the tornado itself might be obscured by flying dust and debris kicked up by the
It will take years. Many had no insurance or were underinsured. Many had damage that was indirect, spared a direct tornado hit but sustained losses from the power outages that there
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Tornadoes cause damage to property from their winds. The winds inside a tornado can be 200 miles per hour or more. Wind speeds, however, have never been scientifically ...
A tornado can take out houses, pull up trees, take down power lines, throw vehicles around like a stick, tornadoes can kill and are very dangerous! ...
Tornadoes are capable of causing devastating damages to plants, animals, buildings and other structures. These winds have a very powerful magnitude, and they travel ...
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