In what way was Roman law a civil law system?


Civil law is a law system that basically relies on written law, and makes these laws accessible to all citizens. Civil law is based upon Roman law, in which the Twelve Tables of Roman law made the laws accessible to it's citizens.
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(Note: If you have a truly valid addition, add it, but do not change or subtract the current answer. There are three basic types of law: Civil Law. that which relies on a codification
The two systems of law that
Common law leads to interpretation.
Civil law is used in many countries in Europe as well as in the province of Quebec . It is based on a written “civil code” which has evolved from Roman law and was adopted
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A civil law system is where all the laws are decided by some sort of legislation. The Roman Law was a Civil law system because there was a legislative body to make all laws.
Under a civil law system, laws are written down and given distinctive codes. Roman law followed this idea with the writing of the Twelve Tablets. For more information you can go to .
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