In What Year Was the Typewriter Invented?


It is not known when the first typewriter was invented but it was either in 1760, 1780, 1784 or 1823. The first American inventor however of typewriters was William Austin Burt, who, in 1829, applied for a patent on his 'Typographer'.
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The typewriter was invented in steps by many inventors working over time. In 1714, Henry Mill obtained a patent for a machine that was similar to a typewriter.
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In 1829, William Austin Burt patented a machine
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Christopher Latham Sholes was a U.S. mechanical engineer who invented the first practical modern typewriter in 1868.
The first typewriter was invented in the year 1867. The machine was invented by Christopher Sholes, Carlos Glidden and Samuel Soule and was manual. Based on the work of the three, the first electric typewriter was built in 1872.
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