In Which One of the Following Locations Can a Person Hear the Echo of a Sound?


There are many locations that a person can hear the echo of a sound. A person can hear the echo of a sound in a cave, in an empty room, and even when standing in an alley. You can even hear the echo of footsteps of someone following you if you listen carefully.
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the answer is c. at least 16.6 meters in front of the reflecting surface!
Technically speaking, the echo is always there, but not necessarily detectable by human ears. You would need to take the speed of sound, roughly 345 m/s in 21 degree Celcius and figure
Echo Cliff Problem. Echolocation? I kinda just need the formula for this problem, and Ill be able to figure it out. The question is: A person stands in front a cliff and gives a shout
18) "C" - You have to be IN FRONT of the reflecting surface. "A" won't work, as it is too close for an echo. 19) "C" - Longitudinal wave. Rarefaction
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