What was the Incan religion?


The Inca were pantheists. They worshiped the sun god, earth goddess, corn god, rain god, and more. Each god had a name and specific job, such as Ayar Cachi, the hot tempered God who caused earthquakes, and Viracocha who created all living things. The Inca believed in reincarnation unless the body was burned and then they may not complete their passage. The Inca also made human sacrifices, especially when burying an emperor, and child sacrifices during an important event such as a famine.
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The Inca religion was somewhat similar to Greek mythology in that the Incas believed in many gods. The Incas strongly believed that everything that existed or happened was due to
Priests studyed the sky and seasons. Ica studys medicine and knew how to fix broken bones because of that.
In the Incas' Empire several polytheistic religions were practiced by its different
The belief system of the Incas was polytheistic, with Inti, the Sun God, was the most important god, and believed to be the direct ancestor of the Sapa Inca, the title of the hereditary
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The Inca
Between 1200 and 1535 AD, the Inca population lived in the part of South America extending from the Equator to the Pacific coast of Chile. The beginning of the Inca rule started with the conquest of the Moche Culture in Peru. The Inca were warriors... More »
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