What is the income limit for Medicaid?


The income limit for Medicaid in Indiana varies depending on the type of Medicaid. For example, Medicaid can be used by pregnant women, children, or low income families. The income limit also varies depending on the amount of people in the household.
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Medicaid is a program which has different qualification requirements in each state. The reason for this is the disparity in the cost of living from one state to another.
For a family of 3, the federal poverty line is
Food stamps are awarded to households - not necessarily individuals - on a case-by-case basis and according to poverty statistics set by the federal government. In 2010, the baseline
The income limits you mention are for what you might call "general Medicaid" - not Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) benefits. There is no practical limit of SNF income, because
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Income Limits for Indiana Medicaid
Indiana Medicaid is a state and federal program offering health care to qualifying low-income, disabled and elderly individuals. Medically needy Indiana residents are encouraged to apply for Medicaid at a local Indiana Family and Social Services office... More »
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