Independent Party Beliefs?


Independent party beliefs include the belief that new taxation is not required as of 2013. Other beliefs include the belief that the death penalty should remain in effect for certain crimes, the belief that businesses should not be required to pay increased taxes at this time, and the belief that the Three Strikes Law should not be changed as of 2013. The Independent party is headed by Thomas Hoefling and has an entire platform that follows some of the same items found in the Democratic party's platform.
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The Independent American Party promotes respect for life, liberty and
The independent party is a government party that does not side with the democrats or the republicans. They support views from both sides on separate issues.
From its establishment in 1872, the Prohibition Party positioned itself as a progressive alternative to its Democratic and Republican rivals. Women and African-Americans were welcomed
1. Register as an Independent Voter at the Town/City Voter Registrar's office. Ad. 2. At the Registrar's office, inquire as to whether or not an Independent Party exists presently
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