What are the major cash crops of India?


The major crops grown in India are rice, wheat, maize, cotton, oranges, jute, sugarcane, tea, coffee, oil seed, beans, onions, tomatoes and potatoes. These crops are grown all across India and are the country's largest produce outputs. They play an important role in India's economy, which still relies heavily on the profit it makes from these crops.

Besides these grown crops, there are several other products that come from farming. Chicken eggs, chicken meat and cow milk are also exported from India. There are also high volumes of fish exports. Altogether, the agricultural sector composes nearly 50 percent of India's workforce. The biggest-selling crop is sugar cane, which makes a profit of nearly 38 billion dollars every year. Crops such as jute are nearly exclusive to India. Jute is a vegetable fiber.

In the earliest accounts of Indian agriculture, there are hymns and drawings that lead researchers to believe sugarcane was the first crop to be grown in India. There are also ancient systems of irrigation and farms that support these theories.

While ancient Indians often had to survive with hardly any food, modern day India has adjusted. Although its population has tripled, agriculture production has quadrupled. India was the world's third largest distributor of coconuts, oranges, eggs, tomatoes and beans in 2009, states Wikipedia.

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The primary cash crop of India is rice.
The cash crops of India are Jute, cotton, sugar cane and many others.
A cash crop is a crop that is grown to be sold that can not or would not be fed to animals. Tobacco is an example of a cash crop because it is only grown to be sold.
California produces more dairy products than any other state. Dairy products, like milk, butter and ice cream, are California's main commodity. In 2009, California sold $4.54 billion
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The major crops and products of India include rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, and potatoes.
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