What is the value of an Indian Head penny?


Minted between 1859 to 1909, Indian Head pennies can vary in price from $1 to over $3,000, depending upon their date, condition and where they were minted. Collectors grade a coin's condition on a scale of good, fine, extremely fine and uncirculated, with uncirculated coins fetching the highest value.

Indian Head pennies from 1877 carry the highest value due to their rarity. Pennies from 1908 and 1909 that were minted at the San Francisco Mint are also worth more than most other Indian Head pennies. Some other less common, and thus higher value, dates include 1873, 1872, 1871, 1869, 1867, 1866 and 1864 coins marked with an "L."

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Coins are graded on their condition and appearance. Several key factors go into determining a coin's value as a collector's item, such as the coin's luster, the amount of design remaining
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The US never made silver cents. Your coin has been plated for use in jewelry or something similar. Unfortunately, that destroys whatever collector's value it might have had.
$50 To $5.00 Depending on condition Check www.ha.com To find out thats where i looked u might have a rare date.
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The 1901 Indian Head penny was the stand issue 1 cent piece for the United States at the time. This production line was quite extensive and range from 1859 to ...
The value of an Indian Head Penny depends on its condition and year, with a good quality 1901 coin valued at $1, and an uncirculated coin valued at $28 as of 2014 ...
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