What Is Mean by Second Sitting in Indian Railway Reservation?


The Indian Railway company provides transportation services in the country of India. Customers can verify the reservation status online at the company website or directly at the train station.
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The waiting list in Indian Railways works as a queue. In WL60/WL46, WL 60 indicates your original wait list position. Because of ( 14) cancellations WL60 has been advanced to WL46
The Yuva train fares are applicable to unemployed persons in the age group of 15 to 45 years who fulfill the criteria of youth to be ascertained on the basis of certificate issued
1. You can visit the indian railways site: www.indianrail.gov.in or websites of its zones like www.srailway.com etc and type your pnr number (it is a 10 digit unique number related
Confused about how to make an Indian railway reservation for train travel in India? Indian Railways requires reservations on long distance trains for all classes of accommodations
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In the Indian railway reservation, second sitting means you are in the cheapest accommodation. In second sitting, coaches are of the ordinary and and its seating arrangement is on cushioned seats in two rows of 3 seats each.
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The Passenger Name Record (PNR) number is located on the top left corner of the Indian Railways ticket. This 10-digit number can be used to check the status of ...
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