How to Make Indian Rain Sticks?


Indian tribal rain sticks: Legend has it that the Chilean Indians invented the rain stick to make rainy weather. You can make Indian rain stick by selecting a long and thick cardboard conveyance tube so that it will be durable for handling. Cut two leather circles that are twice the fringe of the tube using fleece scissors. Put the tube end focused and trace around the circle. Chop thin wedges around the leather from the outside edge to this line. Apply construction adhesive at the bottom edge of the tube and lift the leather flaps.
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1. Select a long and thick cardboard shipping tube so that it will be sturdy for handling. Remove any stickers. Paint the outside of the tube with polyurethane and allow to dry for
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To view this content, JavaScript must be enabled, and you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player. Download the free Flash Player now! That's the sound of the rain forest.
Learn how to create a tribal rain stick. That’s the sound of the rain forest. What we’re going to do now is create our own rain stick. What you’re going to need
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The Indian rain sticks are used by indigenous people living in arid and semi arid places across the globe. They are hollow tubes filled with pebbles that sound ...
Chilean Indians used the rain stick in their religious ceremonies. The stick was later introduced into Mexican music around the 1960s. Some used to believe that ...
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