Indiana Food Stamp Application?


The Indiana food stamp application can be found online at the website. This website offers locations for gathering the paperwork and submitting the application that are divided by county. Choosing one's county then directs the person to the Division of Family Services in that particular county. A person could actually go to the Division of Family Services in his or her county to gather the application and other resources. Applying for food stamps and updating benefits can also be accomplished online.
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1. Gather information together that demonstrates your financial need for food stamps. This includes any sort of income, such as child support or employment income, life insurance
The mailing address is
Then you need to contact the office and let them know where you made the mistake.
To apply for and get information about Food Stamps, TANF, HIP, Medicaid, and HHW in Princeton, Indiana visit the Gibson County Division of Family Resources at 104 E. Spruce St. Princeton
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