Indiana State Police Phone Number?


The Indiana State Police actually have quite a number of phone numbers. The main contact number for the Indiana State Police is 317-232-8248 or toll free at 800-622-4962. This phone number accesses the state police operations department. To contact other departments, one can simply dial the main line number and select a transfer option. Traffic ticket information can be found by calling 317-232-8341. A complete directory is available online at the website by selecting the contact page.
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State of Indiana State Police District 51 9022 S State Road 67
For emergencies call 911. The ISP Public Information Office can be reached at 317-232-8200.
1. Meet the basic requirements. To be eligible for employment as a police officer in Indiana, you must be a U.S. citizen between 21 and 38 years old, have no misdemeanor or felony
The phone number for Indiana State Museum depends on the reason you call the museum. For general information, field trips and L.S. Ayres Tea Room Reservation you can call 317.232.1637
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8620 E 21st St, Indianapolis, IN
(317) 899-8293
210 W Raymond St, Indianapolis, IN
(317) 808-0011
100 Monument Cir, Indianapolis, IN
725 N Oriental St, Indianapolis, IN
(317) 693-5430
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