How do you solve an indirect proportion problem in math?


A person can solve indirect proportion math problems by first identifying two proportions. The problem should include two sides with one 'x' that should be solved. Each side of the equation should be divided by 'x'.
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1. First, identify the two proportions in the word or indirect proportion math problem you are working on. Example: the two proportions would be $21/$0.26 (21 dollars over 26 cents)
ie one man = 2 children. so the work that takes 9 days is equivalent to 16 men working alone. therefore 12 men will take (16/12)9 days = 12 days.
Nversly proportional? involving a mathematical
how to solve math proportion problems: first you set up a proportion2/50=x/540then you cross multiply so
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Solving Indirect Proportion Math Problems
Indirect proportion problems sound technical, but it helps to think of the word "indirect" as "inverse." Discover why an inverse has the unknown, X, in the denominator with help from a math teacher in this free video on proportions in math.... More »
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