How can I care for indoor azalea?


Azaleas provide vibrant, multi-colored blossoms during the spring. With the right care, azaleas can be grown indoors successfully. Getting indoor azaleas to rebloom can be challenging, but it's possible with some attentive planning.

  1. Choose the right plant for indoor use

    Having the right type of azaleas for indoor use is essential. Hardy azaleas are only for outdoor use. Purchase greenhouse azaleas with just a few buds that are showing color. Greenhouse azaleas are usually sold indoors and often have decorative foil surrounding the pot.

  2. Provide appropriate amounts of sunlight

    In the wild, azaleas thrive under the shade of tall trees. Indoors, they should be kept well-lit but out of the line of direct sunlight.

  3. Keep the temperature cool

    An ideal temperature for azaleas is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. Keep azaleas moist

    Azaleas must be kept moist at all times. They can be watered from the top, but Gardening Know How recommends occasionally dunking the entire plant, including the pot, into a larger container of water. Remove it from the water after it stops bubbling and then allow it to drain.

  5. Fertilize at the right time

    Don't fertilize azaleas until the flowering process is finished. Refertilizing before blooming encourages lush growth without any flowers.

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How to Care for Indoor Azaleas
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