How Long Does an Industrial Piercing Hurt?


An industrial piercing will take approximately 6 months to heal completely. The piercing will hurt for several weeks and will remain sore until it's completely healed.
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Cartilage piercings can remain sore and tender for up to 2 weeks. They take longer to heal than other piercings; the healing time for cartilage piercings is slow. For any swelling
Industrial piercing is two or more piercings connected by a single
1. Sterilize your ear and have your ear marked where you want the industrial piercing. The barbell must be inserted straight through the top of the ear and the helix. 2. Let the piercer
1 If you have long hair, you can hide an ear piercing by tying your hair in a plait down that side and have any loose hair cover your ear. A few weeks before you get the piercing,
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The amount of pain when getting an industrial piercing depends on each person. Some say that they felt pain when the actual piercing was made. However it was over ...
Probably the industrial, seeing as it is two piercings. Adrenaline usually takes care of the pain for one piercing, but it wears off and the second one will hurt ...
An industrial piercing refers to any piercing that links two holes using an extra long barbell. On average, the industrial is normally two helix piercings, but ...
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