Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas?


There are many different ways that you can cut some of the costs of a wedding and reception. When thinking of inexpensive wedding reception ideas first thing about the location, to save costs hold your reception in a large back yard, the local park, or your neighborhood clubhouse. For decorations use things that can be used after the reception is over, or things that can be re-purposed. The cost of food and drink can be minimized by turning the reception into a pot luck, also many times a family member will have the skills, and be willing to make the wedding cake.
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1. Decorate the entry to the reception. Use a strand of balloons in alternating colors to form an arch. Place a small table with a sign-in guest book next to the arch. Include the
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Inexpensive wedding favours can be bought cheaply, or you could make them much more personal if you maket them yourself. Personalised heart shaped magnets, mini bouquets of wrapped
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