What causes inflamed chest muscles?


Inflamed chest muscles is called Costochondritis. It is a form of chest pain that is directly linked to inflammation of the cartilage and bones in the chest wall (around the chest bone (sternum) and the connecting cartilage of the rib bones. It is usually caused by microtrauma or overuse. Exercise, deep breathing and touching the area can be extremely painful. With rest, heat, anti-inflammatory medication, the symptoms should go away within about a month. But, to rule out any more serious conditions, it's best to go see a doctor when you have any kind of chest pains.
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1. Perform light bench presses. Just as you don't want to jump into heavy lifting exercises, you don't want to move straight into stretching. One or two light sets of bench presses
Pleuritis or pleurisy is when viral infections cause the pleura to become inflamed.
The most simple answer is in fact, WORK OUT. Although many would suggest buying certain products to help with building chest muscles, they are not necessary. Regular push ups will
1 Do push ups . This often-neglected exercise focuses on building up your shoulder and upper chest muscles. Lie face-down on the floor and start with your hands about shoulder-width
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