Inflamed Nerves?


Inflamed nerves is a condition known as neuritis. If a larger group of nerves are inflamed, the term used is polyneuritis. There are three basic types of neuritis, vestibular, peripheral, and optic. Peripheral neuritis is a term that means inflamed nerves in the periphery. This type of inflammation can cause nerve damage, that is called peripheral neuropathy. It can also cause health conditions such as ulnar neuritis and sciatica. Symptoms of peripheral neuritis can include paralysis, paresthesia, and neuralgia.
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Symptoms of an inflamed sciatic nerve include pain in the lower back that can radiate down the thighs, numbness in your legs and feet and tingling in your toes. If you experience
An inflamed nerve is more commonly known as a pinched nerve. It is caused when a nerve
a root canal is the best answer, when there is excess in the root, it can start involving your body causing you to tire more easily. If you feel like that ask your dentist and get
neuritis. "itis" is a suffix that means inflammation of.
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Inflamed nerve endings may be caused by physical injury (trauma) to a nerve, tumors and toxins. Inflamed nerve ending is a disease which occurs in feet and can ...
1. Rest your back whenever the sciatic nerve flares. Good rest allows the sciatic inflammation to subside more quickly. Combine rest with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ...
Medical term for nerve inflammation is neuritis or poly neuritis if a group of nerves are inflamed. Nerve inflammation is caused swelling and irritation of nerves ...
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