Inflammation of the Sternum?


Inflammation of the sternum, particularly the joints between the cartilages that join the sternum to the ribs is known as costochondritis. It is an extremely painful condition but, in most cases not a serious one. Costochondritis usually has no obvious cause and settles on its own over time. To relieve some of the symptoms, anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers can be used. The rib cage is a very bony structure that is used to protect the lungs. The bones are extremely hard and do not bend or move. However, the rib cage will expand and contract with the lungs while we breathe. Cartilage allows this movement, because it is much softer and flexible, but still extremely strong. The joints between the cartilage and the ribs or sternum are what becomes inflamed in someone suffering from costochondritis.
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If the inflammation is painful, try taking a NSAID, such
According to a pulmonologist, its called costochondritis.
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Rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, physical
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The best way to deal with inflammation in your sternum is to see a doctor. Doctors can provide anti-inflammatory medicine which can help cure the inflammation. ...
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