How to Patch an Inflatable Water Slide?


An inflatable water slide can be patched with duct tape in a pinch. Also the water slide will come with a repair kit and patches. This will also have instructions for their use.
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1. Find the hole in the water slide by spraying the area around where you think the hole might be with soapy water. Inflate the slide and soapy bubbles should appear where the hole recommends to use "Goof Off" It cleans all stains from inflatable water slides and it is safe for the vinyl as well.
Overview Choosing an inflatable water slide can make a birthday party or backyard celebration a smash hit with partygoers--young and not so young. With a little planning and attention
If you have a small kiddie pool simply empty and refill. But, if you have a large 4 foot deep inflatable pool then you will want to treat with chemicals. For more information on how
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To treat the water in an inflatable pool, you will need to purchase pool chemicals. Chlorine strips will be needed to check the pH balance of the pool water. Keep ...
In my experience, the best way on how to find a leak in an inflatable pool is to deflate it entirely. Then, pour over water all over its surface. After that, slowly ...
You can use a big sheet of plastic for your homemade water slide. Lay it over the lawn. Secure the edges with some stakes. Get a hose and lay it at the top of ...
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