How to Troubleshoot an InFocus X2 Projector.?


1. Check that the X2 is connected to an outlet and powered on if it's not projecting. Locate its power port and power switch on the right side of the device when the projector's lens is facing you. Ensure that the projector's lens cap has been
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There are many places from which one can purchase an InFocus X2 projector. Some of the more popular places from which this item may be purchased include Amazon and eBay.
the light tunnel is collapsing and will need to be replaced. you could either get the part from an infocus service center or send it to them to repair. either way, try av solutions
Summary If you get this piece of equipment be prepared to keep on going into your bank account to keep it running. The lamp is supposed to have a 4000 hour lifetime. My first lamp
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you have to go to an infocus authorized service center. you may be able to purchase it from them without having them put it in. check the infocus website for an ...
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