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ING Direct is now owned by Capital One. A FDIC insured national bank that offers banking online. Using the ING direct website, customers are able to access their accounts, and manage their financial life. ING direct is a company that provides insurance, retirement, and investment management products and services for both individuals and businesses. ING Direct is one of the top ranked retirement plan providers in the US, and ranked as the fourth best term life insurance provider in the industry.
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Since launching in the U.S. in 2000, ING DIRECT – the operating name of ING Bank, fsb, a federally chartered savings bank – has become the largest direct bank in the United States... More>>
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1 If you're looking for a place to save your money, ING Direct is a great bank for you. They have a very good interest rate on the Orange Savings Account and don't require you to
EDIT: BankSimple (Worry-free Alternative to Traditional Banking ) has rolled out to a limited number of people since I first wrote my answer . It's the best alternative, with customer
ING Direct doesn't have a SWIFT number. They don't allow international transfers as noted on their FAQ page here:
You can contact an ING DIRECT associate at 1-888-464-0727.
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ING Direct Canada is a Canadian bank owned by ING group, a European banking group. It was founded in Canada in 1997 as an alternative, no-fee, high interest banking ...
The ING Direct Group is a global financial institution that provides investment, banking, retirement and life insurance services. It is authorised and regulated ...
ING direct is an FDIC insured Internet savings bank. It has a rating of 94.10 out of 200 and it is the Internet arm of ING Group that opened for business in late ...
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