Ingredients of Pencil Eyeliner?


A pencil eyeliner is a makeup product which women use to line the lids of the eye to make them stand out before they apply eye shadow. The ingredients of pencil eyeliner can vary depending on the brand of pencil you buy. There are also options for organic pencil liners, as well. Eyeliners are not a new thing, and were used as long ago as the Bronze Age, when kohl was used to line the eyes. Currently, the main ingredients include: film formers, pigments, and thickeners.
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Beauty has a price. Just some of the ingredients of eyeliner from one well-known brand include: propylene glycol; triethanolamine; oleyl alcohol, magnesium aluminum silicate, glyceryl
1. With your dominant hand, position the pencil at the inside corner of one eye, close to the lashes on the top eyelid. 2. With your other hand, gently pull your eyelid toward your
1. Sterilize an eyeliner pencil sharpener. Use hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or swab and swipe it along the blade and the inside of the sharpener. 2. Sharpen the eyeliner pencil
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When using pencil eyeliner, you need to have the eyeliner at hand and sharpened. Apply foundation around the eye so that the eyeliner can be put smoothly. Apply ...
Ingredients in eyeliner include aqua, citric acid, propylene, cellulose among others. These ingredients are mixed in their right proportions to give the desired ...
Different brands of eyeliner have different ingredients. Generally speaking, ingredients will often include alcohol denat, copolymer, carbomer, colorants, mineral ...
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