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Ingrown hairs are a common skin disorder that is often seen in both adults and teenagers. Most of the time, ingrown hairs occur more often in adult men with dark skin, and commonly occur in shaved areas such as the face, armpit, legs, and pubic area. Ingrown hairs look like scattered red bumps or tiny pimples. If you believe that you have ingrown hairs but are not sure, there are many places where you can find ingrown hair pictures. One of the best resources for these types of pictures is the Internet. If you do have ingrown hairs, they can usually be treated with a combination of exfoliation and acne medications.
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1. Cleanse the area daily. Use a gentle cleanser to remove sweat, dirt and bacteria that can clog hair follicles. 2. Exfoliate your skin regularly. If you get ingrown hairs on your
If you want to know how to prevent ingrown hairs, first take a look at how often you are shaving. Shaving too soon after the last time can result in the irritation that causes hairs
1 Prep your hair before you shave. Hair that is dry and brittle is harder to shave than hair that is wet and pliant. For this reason, it's helpful to wet shave every time you shave,
1. Gather together several pictures which were taken on the same day and in the same lighting conditions. Scan them all into your computer, or download them from your digital camera
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