Inhaling Ammonia with Bleach?


Inhaling ammonia with bleach is very dangerous. When these two chemicals are mixed, they produce gas. When this gas, which is called chlorine gas, is inhaled it can cause respiratory damage. If you inhale enough, it could even result in death.
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Ammonia and Bleach create Chlorine gas. Which causes respiratory damage that will lead to death if enough is inhaled. Oh and it's painful. Warning to all who like to clean the toilet
1. Crush the ampoule between your fingers, 6 inches under the patient's nose. 2. Draw the ampoule closer to the nose as the ammonia evaporates, without touching the skin or eyes.
They make a highly poisonous gas when mixed together. It can kill you. NEVER MIX CHLORINE BLEACH and AMMONIA, or any household cleaning products that may contain either one.
It creates chlorine gas which can blister the
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You should be very careful when mixing bleach and ammonia because the resultant gas, chlorine, is very toxic and can even kill you. It tears the nasal passages ...
It is dangerous to inhale Clorox bleach as it can cause serious physical problems. Sodium hypochlorite is the active ingredient in Clorox bleach. Each container ...
If you've been exposed to too much bleach by inhalation, you should immediately seek fresh air. If you continue to have trouble breathing, you should call 911. ...
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