Inhaling Nail Polish Remover?


Dangers of inhaling nail polish remover include damage to the liver and central nervous system. It can also kill brain cells and cause cancer.
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Inhaling acetone (nail polish remover) can cause.Central Nervous System Depression! It can also cause cancer.
The main ingredient in nail polish is acetone. Many manufacturers may also include ingredients such as scents, coloring or oils. Nail polish also comes in many forms some of which
You could get gas poisoning from nail polish which could result in
1. Ventilate the room by opening a window or turning on a fan. Many nail polish removers have a strong scent; they can be toxic if you breathe too much of the fumes. 2. Select a product
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Huffing is inhaling the nail polish remover. The risk of huffing to get a quick ...
Nail polish removers, also known as acetone, aliphatic acetates and benzene, is a normal household item that is used as an inhalant. The dangers of inhaling, or ...
Inhalants can cost as low as $1.00 because some people have even used regular house glue, hairspray, nail polish remover, or paint as inhalants. ...
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