What Is the Difference Between Inherited & Acquired Traits?


Inherited traits are things like, the color of your eyes or how tall you are. Acquired traits are things like, a work ethic, or how you fold your clothes. Both traits are things that come from family.
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Inherited traits are determined
An acquired trait is a skill that you learn to do or something that you understand about over time. An example is riding a bike because riding a bike is something that is taught to
I assume the answer to the question is going to be along the lines of "because they are not encoded in his/her DNA" For example, if we are talking about trait like a scar
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck proposed that selective use or disuse of organs, organisms acquired or lost certain traits during their life time. These traits could then be passed on to their
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Inherited Traits Vs. Acquired Traits
The appearance of an organism is due to both inherited and acquired traits. Charles Darwin's theory holds that inheritance is due to DNA passed on by parents. Acquired traits are learned or developed, and do not affect the genes, according to PBS.org.... More »
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