How to Write an Initial Poem.?


1. Take the name that you want to use in your poem. You can use a first and last name or a full name including the middle name. The more names you use, the more lines you will need to write for your poem. 2. Use capital letters for the initials and
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1 Write your three initials down on a piece of paper. If you have more than three initials, take one away. If you have less than three initials, add an initial that you would like
Let it rain/let it flood/let a crip/kill a blood/let it rain/let it drip/kill a slob
alliteration Which witch watched which whitch's watch walk. on scrolls of silver snowy sentences - Hart Crane
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A canto poem refers to an epic or long narrative poem. These types of poems were initially sung and not narrated. The term canto comes from an Italian term, Cantus ...
Funny acrostic poems are poems that end up spelling out the title of the poem with each initial letter of a stanza or lines. Funny acrostic poems are popular teaching ...
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