Initiation by Sylvia Plath?


The theme of 'Initiation' by Sylvia Plath is about individuality. In the story, Millicent is invited to join a sorority. In the process of initiation, she needs to conform to their standards. She realizes that to be true to oneself is ultimately more rewarding.
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Be yourself naw jk thats what i think.
The heather birds represent to Millicent that she needs to
Climax of "Initiation": When Millicent is attacked by the girls and gets egg in her hair. This allows her to realize she doesn't want to live like these girls.
Sylvia Path 1932-1963, American Poet, Educated at Smith College in Cambridge, Plath published poems even as a child and won many academic and literary awards.
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In the short story 'Initiation' by Sylvia Plath, the story is told of a young girl that's trying to fit in by being included in an exclusive club. She ends up ...
The story'Initiation' written by Sylvia Plath is about the spirited girl. She is against a sorority's initiation ritual. This story is among the top symbolize ...
Sylvia Plath was a poet and writer. She was born in Boston, and is known for her confessional poetry. She committed suicide in 1963 when she was 30 years old. ...
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