Inkle Loom?


In order to make an inkle loom you need to be fairly good at carpentry. If you are good at this and have the necessary equipment, you can make one relatively cheap. The overall cost is less than $30.
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1. Make a heddle for the loom by wrapping a string from the top front peg to the bottom front peg, around the heddle peg, and back up to the top. Tie this off at the top. Make 30
I use cotton crochet thread. But, linen thread is beautiful. Silk looks nice, but snags on my fingers. Yahoo has a group for inkle loom weaving. Source(s)
Have you ever wanted to get good at knitting. Well look no further than this video on how to weave on an Inkle loom. Follow Videojug's tutors as they present this instructional video
This intro to inkle weaving focusses on the the inkle loom. The weaving area is one one end, in between the weaver and the heddles. For centuries, inkle weavers have used looms similar
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inkle loom
a simple narrow loom used for weaving long decorative tapes and bands.
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