How to Send an Inmate a Care Package?


The way to send an inmate care package is to include items the prisons will allow within their walls. Each prison is different. One should consult the prison prior to sending items.
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1. Ask the inmate that you are interested in sending a package to which company's their facility accepts packages from. Most often there is more than one company. For example Access
Santaclarapackages. dot com. This is the company that you can order care packages for Elmwood or county jail.
California Inmate Package Program c/o Union Supply Direct
Games for rainy days are good to send, especially games that can be played with other campers. Make sure they're small and without too many loose pieces. Puzzles children can do by
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Inmate care packages are often sent by friends and family to those locked in up jail. These packages are carefully examined by the prison system to ensure that they do not contain any types of contraband. There are also a number of different services and websites which allow a person to donate money which will then be used to purchase care packages for inmates. Because of the potential value of these packages, inmate usually prize them and welcome anyone who sends them.
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If you are sending a letter or a package to someone in care of someone else then you must address the item. To do this you would type c/o: and the person's name. ...
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