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Inmate packages can be ordered from many different companies. Some companies offer a simple inmate care package that will include basic toiletry items and clothing needs. Other companies offer inmate footwear packages where a friend or family member can order a pair of shoes for an inmate. Seasonal packages are also available which usually consist of clothing, hygiene products, and some small electronics. The seasonal packages do have a minimum and maximum dollar amount associated with them, and inmates are only allowed to receive one package.
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1. Ask the inmate that you are interested in sending a package to which company's their facility accepts packages from. Most often there is more than one company. For example Access
It is getting harder and harder to send a package to a prisoner. You will need to check with the prison. Many have their rules on line. A number will let you send money to the prisoner's
California Inmate Package Program c/o Union Supply Direct
I use anytime I need to send my brother something like a book or message even money. He's in New Jersey State Prison.don't know what state your doing it in but it
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Most of the time, you can send an inmate a package from the post office directly to the jail or prison that they are lodged in. However, you must be privy to the ...
Inmate care packages are available from such companies as My Care Pack. The ordering process is fairly straight forward. By visiting the official MyCarePack website ...
The way to send an inmate care package is to include items the prisons will allow within their walls. Each prison is different. One should consult the prison prior ...
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