Install Hardwood Flooring on Stairs?


Installing hardwood flooring on stairs requires you to have pliers, chalk line and level. First remove any carpeting that is on stairs and test the stairs using the level. Then start with the upper step to lay the materials by measuring and cut the hardwood to match perfectly. Then fit the wood and continue cutting for the stair riser. Do the same to the rest of the staircases downwards.
Q&A Related to "Install Hardwood Flooring on Stairs?"
1. Check the stair or landing for squeaks. If you discover a squeak in the floor, this is the time to silence it. Locate the stud underneath the squeaky area of the stair using a
Have you ever thought about adding hardwood on your stairs but do not have an idea on the first thing about doing it? Don’t fret as you are not the first one to have this problem
This website seems to cover it fairly well:….
hardwood or plywood. late 50's early 60's depending on where you live. Cost is the biggest factor. Both in material and labor. Much faster and cheaper to use plywood and carpet. Also
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