How to Install a Honeywell Thermostat for the Home?


In order to install and Honeywell thermostat, the first step is to turn off the heating and power in order to avoid shock. The old thermostat should be removed and wires should be labelled. Once the new thermostat base is attached the wires can be reconnected per the instructions included with the new thermostat unit.
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1. Remove the outer trim ring on the thermostat by grasping and pulling it straight off. Remove the retaining screws that attach the thermostat to the mounting plate with a Phillips
Disconnect all power sources to your existing thermostat. Remove the cover. Locate wire connecting thermostat and heater. Not the terminal designations. Disconnect wiring to heater.
Look on the inside unit where the thermostat wires go and see what color goes to what letter terminal on the inside unit. Then use that color to go to the same letter terminal on
Overview Your programmable Honeywell thermostat can help you save up to 33 percent on your utility bill. It adjusts the temperature up and down according to your schedule, so you
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Installing a Honeywell Thermostat
Honeywell thermostats, like any other thermostat, need to be placed in a proper location in order to work effectively. It needs to be between 5 and 7 feet above the floor, and far away from any corners or dead spots. Don't place it near any heating... More »
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