How to Install a Toilet on a Concrete Floor?


To install a toilet on a concrete floor the contractor will need to have a screw that will go into concrete. Then a mount will have to be set in place. The toilet will then be installed onto the mount.
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1. Clean up the area of the concrete floor around the flange. Scrape up any old remnants of putty, wax rings or caulk with the putty knife. Sand down any rough spots in the concrete
Use either a steel or brass flange. It is just the flange and doesn't have any pipe or connection under it. Place it over the pipe with the slots for the toilet mounting bolts in
1. Measure the width of the doorway with a tape measure. Cut the threshold to fit snugly into the doorway. Notch the ends of the doorway to fit around the jamb stops, if necessary
1. Acclimatize the flooring material by storing the cartons in the basement away from heating and air-conditioning ducts for at least 72 hours prior to installation. 2. Remove all
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Installing a Toilet on a Concrete Floor
The first thing that needs to be done when installing a toilet on concrete is to make sure that the place you intend to install the toilet has the necessary pipes. There must be a 3-inch diameter drainage pipe rising up from the concrete, as well as a... More »
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