Installing a Lexmark Printer without a Disk?


Installing a Lexmark printer without a disk isn't difficult. All you need to install the printer is the drivers. Drivers can be found on the Lexmark website. If you have an Internet connection, simply download and install the drivers that correlate to your printer. If you do not have an Internet connection, use a computer connected to the web to download these drivers onto a thumb drive or writeable disc.
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Go on the Lexmark website and search for your printer model. There should be information on installing the printer from the website, and not from a setup disk.
1. Download the Lexmark 4200 driver from the Lexmark website. Save the file to your desktop. 2. Connect the printer to a power source. Plug the printer into your computer via USB
You can download the driver online and install the printer. A few links where you can download it online are below:,6959,204816596
You want to start by connecting the printer to the computer and turn both on. Click on the start menu and go to the control panel and select it. Locate the printers and hardware icon
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