Instamatic Camera?


Instamatic cameras are a line of cameras introduced by Kodak in the 1960s. Instamatic cameras provide unique filters to photos and use 35mm film. Their look has become popular again with the Instagram app for iPhones.
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What Is an Instamatic Camera?
Instamatic cameras were a series of cameras produced by Kodak for more than two decades, starting in 1963 and ending in 1988. Kodak Instamatic cameras used either 126 or 110 cartridge film, which was easy to load, and proved popular among hobby... More »
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The Hawkeye Instamatic was the first Kodak Instamatic brought to market, with production starting in 1963 and continuing until 1967. The Hawkeye Instamatic used 126 film, a cartridge
The first Instamatics went on sale in 1963 having being invented and developed by Kodak. The lead designer was Dean Peterson.
A Kodak Instamatic 104 is worth around $5. The 104 featured a
Either was probably pretty well made in its day. Assuming that you are looking at samples in decent condition, the Retina Reflex could still be used to take pictures with 135 film
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The Kodak Instamatic 124 camera does not currently have much of a street value. It isn't considered a rare item. However, to the right collector, a Kodak Instamatic ...
Check on E Bay. They are listed from 5$ to 25$ ...
A person can make a pinhole camera using Instamatic film by measuring the height and width of the hole. A tiny hole should be created in the piece of Aluminum. ...
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