Instruction on How to Make Box Pleat Valance?


The instruction on how to make box pleat valance requires measuring the length and width of a window. The length of the valance should also be estimated from the bottom to top. The fabric widths also need to be calculated.
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1. Measure the window's width and length. Add to the width, the amount the rod extends on each side. For 30 by 60 inch window with a standard 2-inch rod, take 30 inches and add 2
8 yards.
I made mine out of plywood. I measured the width of the window and how deep I wanted the box to be. You have a couple of choices there. If you have low ceilings you can make it so
A. That adjustment is pretty simple to make. if you look down on the steering box you will see an adjusting screw with a straight slot for a regular screwdriver. Around that is a
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How to Make a Box Pleat Valance
When making a box pleat valance, it is important to keep the fabric and support in mind. A box pleat valance is a long piece of folded material. The fabric needs to fold well to maintain a square tailored look. The pleats work best with crisp cottons or... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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