Instruction on How to Make Box Pleat Valance?


The instruction on how to make box pleat valance requires measuring the length and width of a window. The length of the valance should also be estimated from the bottom to top. The fabric widths also need to be calculated.
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1. Assemble materials and take good measurements. Buying a commercial pattern is best. The mounting board should be 1 inch by 4 inches, and the length of the window plus 3 inches
The first thing you will want to remember when your making a box pleat valance, is keep your fabric and your support well in mind. Without doing this you may have a pleat that is
Hi Monique, These JC Penney valances are designed to fit on a pocket rod. They made the boxes first then attached a separate rod pocket piece-similar to a waistband, though I seriously
8 yards.
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How to Make a Box Pleat Valance
When making a box pleat valance, it is important to keep the fabric and support in mind. A box pleat valance is a long piece of folded material. The fabric needs to fold well to maintain a square tailored look. The pleats work best with crisp cottons or... More »
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To measure for a box pleat valance you need a tape measure. Measure four inches outside the window opening on each side. You need to make a guide mark above the ...
To make a box pleat valance you need to fold and stitch a piece of cotton fabric. Start off by marking it on the underside of the fabric to indicate where you ...
A box-pleated valance is a formal window treatment that has to be sewn to the exact measurements of each window. Such a valance has a tailored look and works well ...
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