How do you sew in hair weaves?


Wash and condition the hair and comb it dry, clipping it into parts and sections. Braid the hair to cornrows, starting at least an inch away from the roots. Use a hair needle to sew the ends of the braids, starting at the back of the head. Start the the base of each braid and reinforce with extra hair extensions.
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Learn how to sew in a hair weave and you can save some money and a trip to the salon. Sewn in weaves are great because they last a long time, which means you can look your best for
1. Shampoo your hair and blow-dry it. Part your hair in the front and make sure to leave some hair out to cover up the hair to be sew in. Pin up the hair in the front that you going
Sewing weave in takes time, but is fairly easy. You part the hair from temple to temple. Braid the back and put in ball or sew together. It is now to time to put the tracks in one
It depends on how full you want your hair but 100-200 grams (1-2packs) is typically used. My head is about average and if i use straight hair i use about 150 grams, which leaves me
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How to Sew in Hair Weaves
Sewing in hair weaves is something generally done by hairstylists, but with some practice, you can learn to do it yourself. However, you need to be careful to follow the instructions carefully to prevent breakage and hair loss. Here are a few helpful... More »
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An afro weave is a weave that has been designed to resemble the African textured hair, which has not been chemically developed. To sew in afro weaves you should ...
You can braid hair for a sew-in weave like cornrows or around the head. The best way is braids to the back or cornrows. Make sure you use the proper needle and ...
You can have the weave sewn in the same day. You can have your hair braided while it is wet because it is better to braid while wet since the hair will expand. ...
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