How can I evaluate a fitness group instructor?


Select an instructor who is certified through a program that is independently accredited by a third party that specifically functions to provide accreditation for certified fitness instructor programs. According to Ace Fitness, one such accreditation program is the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Check to see if the gym or fitness center where you are thinking about taking a class uses an independent accreditation program to judge the qualifications of all potential group fitness instructors.

Ace Fitness stresses that it is also important that the fitness center requires that all group fitness instructors receive continuing education and become re-certified to teach every two years. Good instructors stay current since best practices, trends and fitness products continue to evolve as research in the field of health and fitness continues to grow.

With more than 300 fitness instructor certification programs, this process can sometimes be overwhelming. However, a proper evaluation can make the difference between achieving a fitness goal or, instead, being injured while working out. According to Ace Fitness, individuals should choose an instructor who is properly certified to teach group fitness classes. Any questions about an instructor's qualifications or credentials can be directed to the facility providing the class.

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