Insulin Dosage Chart?


To calculate an Insulin dosage, try using an Insulin dosage chart. Insulin dosage charts enable a diabetic to figure out the correct amount of insulin to use according to the carbohydrates consumed.
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1. Write down each food item you plan to consume at each meal. Next to each food item, write down the number of carbohydrates. You can locate the number of carbohydrates on the package
40 mgs =1cc.
General Monitor blood glucose determinations regularly and carefully individualize dosage to attain optimum therapeutic effect.1 6 15 16 18 Glucose monitoring is particularly important
There isn't a standard or maximum dose for glargine. It is normally taken first thing in the morning as it lasts for 24 hours so it will be beginning to wear off at the time when
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Your insulin dose is usually calculated by your prescriber. The amount is generally based on body weight. For a lean person it is about 0.04 units/kg. For an overweight ...
A dosage chart for Triaminic can be found directly on the package. The chart should also be printed on the box that the medicine came in. Don't administer the ...
One of the tools doctors use to keep diabetic patients in control of their blood sugar is the insulin sliding chart. This chart tries to explain the nighttime ...
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