What is the Intel Celeron D 2.93GHz 533MHz 256KB sSpec SL7TX?


SL7TX is just the model of the computer. The specs are: Processor typeIntel Celeron D. Processor number341. Package type775-land FC-LGA4. Processor speed (GHz)2.93. Bus speed (MHz)533. Clock multiplier22. L2 cache size (KB)256. Manufacturing
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You can probably get any motherboard with an LGA 775 socket, however, if you want to be sure, check with the manufaturer first (manuals are usually available at their support section
BSoD is right- any socket 775 motherboard that says it accepts Celeron-D processors. A quick search on NewEgg yields these: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductLis….
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