Inter Vs Intra?


It's important to be sure that you're using the inter- and intra- prefixes appropriately. Since they are so similar, it might be easy to get them confused. Their meanings are also close, but they do mean different things. Inter- means between, while intra- means among. So, for example, an intrastate highway runs within a state. Conversely, and interstate highway runs through two or more states. Additionally, an inter-office memo is circulated between offices, while an intra-office memo is only circulated within one office.
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Intra-molecular bonding ocuurs between atoms of the single large molecule ,where the inter-molecular bonding occurs between molecules .
The roots of the intra-Palestinian tensions that broke out after Hamas won the
This question is actually well covered in the 3GPP spec 23.401 chapter 5, pecs/ar. As in many cases the 3GPP specification is actually pretty well written
The prefix "inter" means between, and "intra" means inside. So an inter-organizational relationship is a relationship between two different organizations, and
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