Inter Vs Intra?


It's important to be sure that you're using the inter- and intra- prefixes appropriately. Since they are so similar, it might be easy to get them confused. Their meanings are also close, but they do mean different things. Inter- means between, while intra- means among. So, for example, an intrastate highway runs within a state. Conversely, and interstate highway runs through two or more states. Additionally, an inter-office memo is circulated between offices, while an intra-office memo is only circulated within one office.
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Intra-molecular bonding ocuurs between atoms of the single large molecule ,where the inter-molecular bonding occurs between molecules .
"Inter" denotes "among" or "between, so "between boys" or "among the boys" is a reasonable meaning. Since Latin does not have a specific
The roots of the intra-Palestinian tensions that broke out after Hamas won the
This question is actually well covered in the 3GPP spec 23.401 chapter 5, pecs/ar. As in many cases the 3GPP specification is actually pretty well written
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The prefixes intra and inter can be very confusing at times. The prefix intra means between or with in. Intravenous means inside the veins. The prefix inter means ...
The difference between inter-company and intra-company transactions is this: Inter-company transactions are transactions that are done from outside the company ...
The difference of the words intra and inter is as follows: intra refers to within and inter refers to between. ...
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