What is an intercostal muscle spasm?


Intercostal muscles are groups of muscles that are between the ribs. These muscles are used to help the chest wall move, which is essential during breathing. These muscles, like others within the body, can have spasms. This can occur for a number of reasons. Often, intercostal muscle spams may be caused by anxiety. At other times, these types of spasms can be the sign of a heart attack. Anyone experiencing prolonged, painful intercostal muscle spasms will need to visit a doctor to have the issue diagnosed and treated.
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The term 'inter' stands for between while 'costal' refers to the ribs, hence 'between ribs' That is there location.
A hot bath is one treatment for muscle spasms. Muscle spasms typically happen after a muscle has been used heavily and has been stretched or pulled in one or more directions. The
n. Any of the muscles with their origin from the lower border of a rib, with insertion into the upper border of the rib below, with nerve supply from the intercostal nerve, and that
Dehydration is sometimes associated with muscle spasms, overstretching or not stretching enough, or a muscle being overworked and tired. Here's a link that should help answer your
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