Interest on 1 Million Dollars?


In order to find the answer to the question of what is the interest rate on One Million Dollars, one must first answer three very important questions. The first of the questions are about the rate, at what rate is the money in question earning interest in the first place. Secondly, what is the term that we must use to compute this equation, and third of all we need to know when and how often the interest on this 1 million dollars pays out to the account holder.
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A Few Assumptions. For these calculations, assume that the $1 million is your salary from a regular job, and that it's your only income. Assume for now that you're single, you have
Depends upon what the interest rate is at the savings institution at the time. You will have to check with local banks for the rates being offered. They seem to change daily. The
It all depends on what the interest rate is. Also, you have
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