Interesting Facts about Cheerleading?


Some interesting facts about cheerleading include that it is a good form of exercise. Another interesting fact about cheerleading is that you can participate from childhood right into adulthood. A final interesting fact about cheerleading is that you can get paid and become a professional cheerleader.
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*cheer leading is over 100 years old *Back then when cheer leading first started all cheerleaders were men *now 97% of cheerleaders are female *12% of cheerleaders are aged between
About 98% of all female cheerleaders are former gymnasts.Are at lea...
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About Cheerleading
Cheerleading as a sport dates back over 100 years, but lately it's become a staple in our pop culture. Cheerleaders encourage their teams at high school, college and professional games, and often compete in local and national tournaments. Modern... More »
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