What are some interesting facts about doctors?


There are many interesting facts about doctors. First of all, doctors spend an average of 10 or more years studying their field of specialty. Second, there are doctors in almost all career fields including music, education, engineering and others.
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Doctors help us fix injuries, cure sicknesses, etc.
This great question lead me to go out and try to learn some things about the history of Doctor Who. Here are a few of the things I found: The original broadcast of the first episode
While the most common type of meningitis comes in a viral form, bacterial and fungal meningitis exist. Viral, or aseptic, meningitis typically comes and goes within a week or two
Without Dr's...there would not be any Dr! Dr! jokes!! Playwrite: Dr! Dr! I think I have writers block!! Doctor: I'll have to write you a script! Patient: Dr! Dr! I think I am a cleptomaniac
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