Interesting Facts about Estuaries?


An estuary is a body of water partly surrounded by land where fresh water from rivers runs into it and mixes with salt water from the ocean. Some interesting facts about estuaries is that they are the most productive natural systems, producing more food per acre than the richest Midwestern farmland. They also provide essential habitat for over 75% commercial fish and ~80-90% of recreational fish. There are 102 estuaries in the U.S.
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Estuaries are partially enclosed water. They are were fresh water from inland meets denser salt water. They have complex food webs that start with the microscopic bacteria in the
They are the nurseries of the oceans. Many species may spawn there and many other species may live portions of their lives in estuaries. The higher salinity of an estuary helps protect
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About Estuaries
An estuary is a body of brackish water that lies between oceans and rivers. Sometimes more than one river feeds into them, and these estuaries are usually larger because of it. They are typically the mouth of a river that features tides created by the... More »
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